Solar Energy Services and installation

Khalid solar power Company is 100% Afghan owned, with an experienced branch in Pakistan, we have been operating since 2010 committed to providing professional Services, Solar sales, contractors and managed services within the sales and services of Supply Chain sectors.


Solar farms are often located in remote areas, which presents operation and maintenance challenges. outdoor electrical houses help protect equipment from the elements and keep it running.


Solar systems tailored to unique requirements, providing DC switching equipment, AC switching equipment and the solar inverter in one assembly. This installation is easy to install and preconfigured, saving space, time and costs.


Team of experienced engineers do safe solar installation, from initial assessment through post-installation measurement and verification. voltage stability and regulation, reactive power compensation.

Save money with solar power.

high-quality solar modules, top-notch mounting systems, powerful inverters, solar batteries and complete storage systems, and any kind of PV accessories such as cables, connectors, etc.

PV modules



Mounting systems